News : Stripper Juice

Juice I love the crew at Perewitz Cycle Fab in Halifax, Mass.. but this day, Dave was having way too much fun with the Juice.  I usually ask, “Feeling Dirty”?  but Dave was “Feeling Clean”.  Big thanks to the entire crew for using Stripper Juice on their customer bikes 🙂 Click on the word “Juice” above to see the video.

Had a great time working the MC Speed Trials at Bonneville with my friend from Monkey Butt Radio, Biggus Mike Jacques. Stripper Juice was one of the Official Sponsors of the event, donating a can of Juice to every rider entered to run on the salt… Volunteers at the event were required to report each morning at 6:00 am, but one day the wind picked up and allowed us to […]

Indi Juerg Schlaefli, better known as Indi 200 recently found himself with a can of Stripper Juice in his hands after a radio interview with my friends at MonkeyButt Radio in Phoenix, AZ and the rest, as they say, will be history. This interesting man does something most of us only thought about doing after watching “Back to the Future”, when Marty McFly would grab onto the rear end of […]

That’s right.. Stripper Juice has entered Intuit Small Business Contest to win a FREE commercial to air during this year’s Super Bowl!  Help a sister out and follow this link to vote for the most provocative cleaner/polish on the planet to get some major exposure.  Fuzzy thanks you 🙂

Thomas Manderfeld of Henderson, NV submitted this picture and testimonial.  “After a ride on Peach’s I give her a good rub down with Stripper Juice, she loves it!!  Good stuff Tom!  Would that make her “Peaches & Cream” now? hahahaa..  I wouldn’t recommend putting a wax on the mule 🙂  See Tom at Action Motorcycle Tires on Henderson Hwy and get your Juice on!!